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Process Safety Depends On Accurate Graphics and Efficient Navigation.

Graphic Reviews: The significance of this process cannot be stressed enough. Prior to commissioning, all graphics undergo a thorough vetting /review by engineers and SME’s during the DCS FAT. Often the P&ID’s are outdated, with errors andinconsistencies. The objective at this early stage of the process is ensuring the graphics review is relevant from the perspective of Commissioning Startup and Normal Operations (operating under normal conditions). The control room operator must be able to navigate efficiently (timely manner) through this documentation during adverse and/or upset conditions. This documentation is crucial to successful operations.

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Graphic Review Process

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Operations Training Specialists: With our years of experience in the control room environment, and being involved on some of the largest projects globally, involving high level graphic design, helped improve Operations Efficiency and Process Safety.

Thorough Review: Ensures that DCS/OTS Graphics are complete and ready to Commission, Startup and Operate rate any facility efficiently and safely.

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