• We Provide Technical
  • Control Room Training

About OTS Training Specialists

Our experience comes from the oil and gas industry.

We are passionate about the Oil and Gas industry and offer everything you need for quality Training, Procedure Development, Graphic Reviews as well as general consulting for OTS systems required for a larger project.

With involvement in Up Stream, Mid Stream, and Down Stream projects since 1976, we take our field experience from various projects which translates into effective comprehensive training. Our professionals have worked in a Commissioning and Operations capacity during the Engineering, Commissioning and Startup, through steady state operations.

Over the past decade past projects include: Gulf of Mexico, Western Coast of Australia, offshore deep water Angola, and on the East coast of the USA, providing Operations Training to both Field Operators and Control Room Operators.

  • One of Our Greatest Strengths Is Our Dedicated Associates
Since 1976 our founder has developed relationships with some of the most qualified personnel in the Oil and Gas Industry. When developing multibillion dollar projects, it is important to have quality personal from the Engineering phase, Construction phase, commissioning phase all the way to start up and through steady state operations. When projects come our way, we utilize this network of professionals to call upon when required. This helps us be nimble and add staff according to the size of the project.
  • Operations Training Simulators (OTS)
We offer a variety of services when it comes to the planning, development and buildout of the OTS. We have operations field experience to make sure the OTS will meet the requirements of the Operator. We help the client identify the scope so it meets their needs and work as a liaison between the vendor (Model and Hardware) and the client to make sur the technical aspects of the project are aligned with those clients needs.

OTS Process



Determining Project DCS and Scope
Identifying Specifications and fidelity for the OTS
Identifying the Scope and tolerences of the Project specifications
Bluelining P&ID'S that represent Scope of OTS


Development of Model and Instructor Graphics
Integrating Project database and Graphics into the OTS
Instructor Graphics & Model MAT


OTS FAT (Factory Acceptence Test) with vendors, EPC and client representitives.
SAT (Site Acceptence Test)